Managed Services

Now you can have the power to run your business the way that you want to run it -- without having to learn all the technical aspects of making it work on the Internet. We provide management services in corporate identity (domains) and web server management.

For more information, check the sections below and order our managed services to grow your business today.

Corporate Domain Management

You know that it is important to protect your business assets. Name Recognition. Brand Identity. The things that make your business what it is. But you have enough to do managing your business without having to worry about what domains to register to protect your corporate or brand identity, or how to transfer them, or how to monitor when and how to renew them. Leave this overwhelming task to us. Our professional domain staff knows the ins and outs of domain management and are available to help your business grow.

Mailing List Management

Customers are your most important business asset. Staying in touch with them is extremely important. Sending a regularly scheduled newsletter with upcoming events, sales and news items keeps your customers thinking about you and buying.

One of the most successful tools for keeping in front of your customers is the email mailing list. But mailing lists may be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with mail servers and how they work. We have been managing mailing lists since 1989. Let us manage your mailing list for you.

Our professional staff can handle the installation, maintenance and distribution, if needed. This allows you to get your message out to your customers in the most professional and reliable manner. Your customers' privacy will always be kept confidential.

Web Server Management

All the power and flexibility of having your own server without the risk or hassle of maintaining it yourself!

Having your own Web server provides more power and flexibility than the shared environment offered by most hosting providers. However, the setup and ongoing maintenance of your own server is beyond the skills and the time available to many Webmasters. Now you can have it all. The power and flexibility of your own server plus we'll manage it for you. The benefits to you and your business are tremendous.


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